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Calumet Region Photo Club


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Club Mailing Address: Calumet Region Photo Club P.O. Box 3133 Munster IN 46321
Chairperson / Committee Field Trips Chairperson:   Guest/Member Ambassador Chairperson: Dennis Gray  Matte Boards Chairperson: Dennis Gray Membership Chairperson: Tom Zmigrocki Refreshments Coordinator: Bobbie Czajka Photo Competition CACCA Representative: Michael Kobe Digital Print Images (DPI) Chairperson: Carmina Pena Procurer of Judges Chairperson: Raleigh Wolfe Prints A Division Chairperson: Michael Kobe  Prints B Division Chairperson: Rita Anthony Statistician Chairperson: Carmina Pena Meetings Publicity Chairperson: Dennis Gray  Refreshments Chairperson: Bobbie Czajka Mentoring Mentor Chairperson: Dave Dornberg Mentor: Raleigh Wolfe Mentor: Tom Zmigrocki