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Action photography Thinking about shooting the action of a fast moving object, check out the this link on the 7 tips of capturing sports and high speed action, by Chris Corradino on Expert Photography: photography/ More action photography on PictureCorrect with Karl Taylor Photography and a YouTube video to show you how it’s done: Bird photography Basic Bird Photography Skills - hosted by Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Digiscoping Birds - hosted by Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Blending into the Background - by Tim Gallagher, editor-in-chief of Living Bird magazine. This article was originally published in the Autumn 2000 issue of Living Bird magazine. Hosted by Cornell Lab of Ornithology Arthur Morris, (Canon Explorer of Light)-YouTube videos-Bird Photography Camera Settings, Getting the Right Exposure, Camera Equipment, Photo Labs, Printing Paper and Image Software Color Labs -Northern Indiana D&M Imaging - Education Simon Baxter a landscape photographer talks about why you should print your photographs: Nigel Danson, talks about digital printing in his excellent vlog: The Proper Care and Maintenance for DSLR and Smartphone Cameras: “Using Zones for Black and White Photography” by Mark Wallace at the Adorama Learning Center: “How Color Influences B& W Photography: Episode 232: Digital Photography 1 on 1” by Mike Wallace at the Adorama Learning Center: “Lightroom Classic Start to Finish B&W Tutorial (Using the new B&W Profiles)” by Scott Kelby: “3 Great Ways to Create Balck and White Photos in Lightroom” by tutvid: Lightroom by Nathanial Dodson: Denise Ippolito world’s premier flower photographer and accompanied by Arthur Morris-(Canon Explorer of Light) - team up to teach a stunning video called The Art of Flower Photography on B&H Photo Video’s YouTube channel - Gallery South Shore Arts - Hammond, IN - History of Photography Imaging Software Plug-Ins On1 - Topaz Labs - Insect Photography Butterfly Photo Tips by Barbara Lucas from her presentation “Saving the Monarchs” BugGuide by Iowa State University’s Entomology Department, one of the most in depth photo guides to insects anywhere in the cloud. Fine Art Photography by M. Plonsky - M. Plonsky shows you how to shoot insects without a lot of expensive equipment. Intentional Camera Movement, ICM Intentional Camera Movement is not new because it has been around since the film era, but with the invention of digital, it is much more available to the masses.  A photographer may shoot several hundred images to get just a couple keeper images and with digital, it costs nothing to do. Julian Anna Gospodarou wrote a very comprehensive guide to ICM - Doug Chinnery is a critically acclaimed ICM photographer in the UK. His videos go into a lot of depth on how to start shooting ICM. Shaken and Stirred-The Art of Intentional Camera Movement by Chris Upton on Fujifilm, July 6, 2018- Landscape Photography 16 Simple Landscape PhotographyTips: Night Landscape Photography - by Steve Paxton and hosted by PictureCorrect - Lensbaby-along the with the genre of ICM comes Lensbaby, a line of “artful lenses” that twist and create interesting artful effects with out of regular images. Anne Belmont - Photographic Essay: on Flowers, Velvet 56, and Photographic Magic- Macro Photography Amateur Micrography - BugGuide - Extreme Macro Photography - Fine Art Photography by M. Plonsky - Tiny Landscapes - Mike Moats - Kenneth G. Libbrecht - Mentoring Library The Principles of Composition - presentation slides “The Art of using Aspect Ratios in Digital Photography”, by Andrew S. Gibson, on “Divine Composition with Fibonacci’s Ratio (The Rule of Thirds on Steroids)”, by James Brandon on Digital Photography School White Balance - presentation slides Kaleidoscopes Templates by Lloyd Williams a professional photographer in Colorado: Whirls and Twirls - Instructions on how to create your own art. Landscape Photography Design Part 1: Composition Primer”, written by Daniel Laan in an online magazine (June 8, 2016) goes right along with our first mentoring meeting on composition. “Mastering Black and White Photography”, by Chris Rutter, Techradar, January 9, 2017 is a well written article on how to previsualize your images before you shoot them and then convert them into Black and White.  We will be talking about this idea at the February 21, 2017 mentoring meeting. Reflections, Negative Space and Shadows - presentation slides Looking for the number of actuations or number of times your shutter has been clicked on your DSLR? Click on this link: Model Release Forms For information about how to use a model release form, please click here to read the "Property and Model Releases Guide" by The Association of Media Photographers, (ASMP). 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